“Ethnic hair”?

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I had a couple of other posts lined up in my head, and not the spoons to tackle them the past few days. But, this topic came up again (and again). My first reaction was that I’m risking sounding like a broken record, or at least like someone with an unhealthy obsession–but I strongly suspect this is because a lot of people get uncomfortable when you start looking too closely at stereotypes.

What topic is this? Hair and race. Reading through the CurlTalk forum at naturallycurly.com, I have repeatedly been impressed at the level of ignorant racist drivel people–particularly in the U.S.–have been subjected to. It’s hard to escape.

Not that I hadn’t already thought there were some serious problems going on, but you’ve definitely got several on your hands when complete strangers feel entitled to comment on your perceived racial/ethnic background, much less try to define it for…

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