Autism Chat Complete

Learning secure websockets has been fun. I enjoy socket level programming. The lower level programming allows for a detailed understanding of what is going on whereas other types seem like your just using someone else’s program in written form. The chat room is available on over 22,000 pages of the Autistic Advocacy Network. Autistic AdvocacyContinue reading “Autism Chat Complete”

Autistic Advocacy Network Beta Live

The beta has been released of the website. We are working on the community aspects such as real-time chat being on every page. As is, it’s a social search engine to review online autism contents including from the news media. Servers outside of the website servers crawl the internet for the social search engine andContinue reading “Autistic Advocacy Network Beta Live”

Autism Candles All This Week

Everyday has been working on the Autism Candles project. Lot’s of people are purchasing the Autism Candles samples. They are new so people do not have to spend $20 to see if they like the aroma of a candle. Over ten years ago I did 20,000 by hand they were distributed by newspapers, businesses andContinue reading “Autism Candles All This Week”

Autism Advocacy Network [Another Week]

I custom wrote a captcha solution for bot deterrence for the new Autism Advocacy Network platform. Most of this week was dedicated to just writing that server side software and connect it to the front end. It was not difficult to do between myself and another member of the AAN development team. As the weeksContinue reading “Autism Advocacy Network [Another Week]”