Autism Chat Complete

Learning secure websockets has been fun. I enjoy socket level programming. The lower level programming allows for a detailed understanding of what is going on whereas other types seem like your just using someone else’s program in written form. The chat room is available on over 22,000 pages of the Autistic Advocacy Network. Autistic AdvocacyContinue reading “Autism Chat Complete”

Autistic Advocacy Network Beta Live

The beta has been released of the website. We are working on the community aspects such as real-time chat being on every page. As is, it’s a social search engine to review online autism contents including from the news media. Servers outside of the website servers crawl the internet for the social search engine andContinue reading “Autistic Advocacy Network Beta Live”

Backstories by Simon van der Velde

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Book Description Publication Date: 25th March 2021Genres: Literary fiction, short stories, biographical fiction, mystery, contemporary fiction, recent cultural history.Themes: Diversity, nostalgia, music, crime, social justice. Dreamers, singers, talkers and killers; they can dazzle with their beauty or their talent or their unmitigated evil, but inside themselves they are as…

LEAK: Docs regarding Greensboro, NC FBI shut down of perjury case, Wikileaks letter

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Justice For Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News ? Stanley Bolten, This contains a lot of RAW information so it may be difficult to understand without researching, meant for investigators and journalists willing to break the information down! Note: It won’t take me long to look through the documents…