Autism Candles

Hello this is Nathan Youngplease add me as a friend on Facebook. I’m an autism self-advocate. I do a specific kind of autism advocacy and have done this autism advocacy since 2006.

The Autism Candles project and the candle project in general is about raising a specific kind of awareness and doing a certain type of autism advocacy. It’s about autism employment inclusion and including the idea of opportunity and equality for individuals on the autism spectrum in society.

Stores sell Autism Candles and they are also sold online. As the founder I’ve managed this project for over a decade. It’s not profitable nor intended to be. The candle project has been featured on social media, newspapers and on radio. For me this project is about making an important statement to help improve the inclusive odds of those transitioning to adulthood and for those who were left behind. While doing so funding is used to create awareness, pay for overhead and to employ some others with autism through a day program. Since COVID-19 that has been very difficult. However I remain confident and diligent in working on this autism advocacy project.

I continue to develop my skills and have learned computer programming with the help of day program support staff. A subject I easily flunked in traditional school but such environments were unreasonable to learn in. With daily concentration, no environmental distractions and mind altering transitions I have become quite good at it and now enjoy it. I remain optimistic and enjoy what I do.

I like hearing from others in the autism community

Autism Chat Complete

Learning secure websockets has been fun. I enjoy socket level programming. The lower level programming allows for a detailed understanding of what is going on whereas other types seem like your just using someone else’s program in written form. The chat room is available on over 22,000 pages of the Autistic Advocacy Network.Autistic Advocacy Network…

Autistic Advocacy Network Beta Live

The beta has been released of the website. We are working on the community aspects such as real-time chat being on every page. As is, it’s a social search engine to review online autism contents including from the news media. Servers outside of the website servers crawl the internet for the social search engine and…

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