3 things you probably didn’t know about PLASTIC.

1. There are different types of plastic

Ever noticed a little number inside a recycling sign on your plastic coffee lid or water bottle? This is meant to help you identify what type of plastic a product is made of. In other words, what type of toxic chemicals are in it.While it is difficult to avoid plastic, experts say to avoid three numbers:

#3- PVC

Chemicals called phthalates are used to soften plastics so they can be used as food wraps, inflatables, and shampoo bottles. As they leach into our food and water, phthalates then disrupt out hormones and damage our endocrine system, causing various diseases such as obesity, infertility, and autism.

Note- You may often not find this number stamped on your product because of the plastic’s softness.

#6 – Polystyrene

A known human carcinogen (causes cancer). While the negative environmental effects of styrofoam is old news now…

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