Neurodiversity Celebration Week Continued: Exceptional Interpersonal Skills


EPIC students can create verbal communications with a rich and interesting advanced vocabulary; many have developed these skills to compensate for their lack of ability with written communication. They can have tremendous powers to connect with other people and when talking will very often be getting their triggers from mental images.

Most EPIC students may have a great sense of humour; many love to laugh and may have a knack for making others laugh, too; hopefully, people are laughing with them, not at them.

Many EPIC students demonstrate strong opinions/feelings, with clarity and obvious authenticity. They exhibit a compulsion to be authentic, exhibit ethical values and express their true selves which others may find difficult to hear. See quote from Greta Thunberg about Asperger’s[i]; however, they are fond of telling you exactly how it is.  They see things as they really are and have a strong instinct to…

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