Tiling Problems

Thing of Things

One very common critique of hedonic utilitarianism is the wireheading objection. If you try to fill the universe with beings experiencing as much pleasure as possible, then the perfect world would consist of nothing but rats– a larger or more intelligent animal would use up resources better spent on new morally relevant beings– with a steady drip of heroin into their systems, and the infrastructure necessary to keep them alive and drugged. (If you don’t happen to think animals are morally relevant, feel free to replace “rats” with “humans”.) This seems, to put it lightly, counterintuitive.

That seems to be one of the major reasons that my friends have adopted preference utilitarianism instead. Unfortunately, preference utilitarianism leads one inevitably to the conclusion that the morally right action is to create beings whose preferences are as satisfied as possible. That suggests that the perfect world would consist entirely of immortal beings…

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