What is Gut Microbiota and Why does it matter?

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The human body is composed of millions if not trillions of microbial cells. This population of cells is estimated to exceed the the populations of “normal” human cells. So what exactly are microbes and what is the function of them in the human body? Microbes are defined as organisms that inhabit various parts of the body. We can think of out bodies as a host to many ecosystems. With this in mind, different ecosystems have differing conditions, for instance changes in temperature and acidity. Microbiota that are well adapted are likely to survive and multiply particular habitats. To achieve this, microbes must use available resources and cope with environmental challenges.

Gut microbiota are composed of the largest genetic variety of microbes in the body. It’s important to note that great variation in species means that there are microbes that are beneficial to gut health and there are harmful bacteria…

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