Vaccine Hesitancy Today

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Despite the wide availability of vaccines, many people are reluctant to get vaccinated. This is what is referred to as vaccine hesitancy. This is much different from the anti-vaccine movement that includes refusal to get vaccine under any type of conditions. A driving factor for vaccine hesitation is the people’s mistrust in the government. Many have the outrageous thought that vaccines, especially the COVID-19, inject a tracking device from the government into their arm. This is just not true.

Other vaccine hesitancy rooted in mistrust in the government is not as silly as the aforementioned. For the Black community, their fear comes from decades and decades of racism and discrimination in healthcare. TIME explains the Tuskegee Experiments as the most notorious cause of distrust of Black Americans in government funded “healthcare.” The study included 600 Black men (399 of which had syphilis) who were experimented on without informed consent. The…

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