Vaccine Hesitancy

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Close-up medical syringe with a vaccine.

Vaccine hesitancy is the reluctance to receive a vaccine. A Duke global health study investigated a number of reasons behind the hesitancy. One of the biggest causes of this is safety concerns. Another source for the hesitancy is the strong government interference. During the smallpox vaccination era, enforcers would go to homes and tell people to be vaccinated or receive a fine which people did not like. Additionally, people’s strong sense of individualism influences their decision to not listen to health professionals and receive vaccines. Moreover, the hassle of traveling to a clinic or doctor’s office to receive vaccinations influences people’s decision to not receive vaccines. Some people have vaccine hesitancy because they feel like physicians promote vaccines only due to their ties with pharmaceutical companies and their desire to promote their product.

Vaccine hesitancy largely affects the black community. One source of…

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