Salmonella and Camplyobacteriosis Outbreaks?


Something as simple as eating a salad, inadvertently consuming contaminated food, playing with your pet hedgehog or bearded dragon, and petting a puppy could make you sick. This is why it is always important to thoroughly wash your fruits & vegetables, cook your food to the best of your ability, and wash your hands after handling any animal. Occasionally, however, people still fall ill despite taking the many precautions necessary for prevention.


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Salmonella. Growing up, I always heard of it as it relates to raw chicken. My mom would always tell me to wear gloves when handling raw chicken and always be sure to do my best to avoid cross contamination. Me hearing about it and connecting it to chicken was not far off, as S. enterica , the causative agent of Salmonella Gastroenteritis, is often carried by poultry. Salmonella Gastroenteritis can be…

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