New Discoveries of the Microbiome

My Microbiology Journey 🙂

The human microbiome is as many call it, an organism of its own. It is all the bacteria, fungi, and viruses that we are born with and accumulate throughout our lives. Some microbes can have no effect on our bodies, while others are beneficial colonizers that can help us in a variety of ways. They help us digest our food, fight disease, protect us against bacteria, and much more. For the past couple of decades its been believed that our bodies have more bacteria than human cells, but more recent studies show the ratio between microbes and human cells is most likely one to one. Early research of the microbiome dates back to the 1840s and despite worldwide research and the Human Microbiome Project (HMP) many questions regarding the microbiome still remain.

 Microbiologist Katya Gavrish has been focusing her research on the “psychobiome”( the gut bacteria that alter…

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