Microbiome Health

Antibiotics will never go viral!

I’ve asked myself recently, how is the microbiome is impacting human health and disease? What is possibly being done to address these issues? The human body is forced to adapt and evolve rapidly due to the evolving technologies and sciences in our medical society today. An interesting article I found regarding this information, mentioned that the healthcare system doing current research on how the human microbiome are targeting certain diseases and learning to communicate with them. In addition, they are also,

Targeting microbiomes on and in humans as part of developing health- and disease- focused solutions for the human organism opens a broad perspective for preventative, as well as therapeutic, interventions.”

Manfred Ruthsatz, PhD, Emmanuelle Voisin, PhD, Nelson Lima, Phd, and Kathleen D’Hondt, PhD

If we understood how the microbiome worked than and are able to replicate it this would save many lives that have been lost to lack of…

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