God set eternity in our hearts: A Conversation with Colin Piper

John Prockter

If you know me well, you’ll probably have heard me use the phrase, “an old mentor of mine used to say…” followed by some semi-relevant wisdom. More often than not, the old mentor I’m talking about is a man by the name of Colin Piper.

Over the years Colin and I have done a lot of cool things together. One time I remember following him through Jerusalem, convinced he didn’t know where he was going, only to find that he was leading us to Gethsemane. Another time we were in Rome with Christian leaders from around the world, and then there was the time near Stratford Upon Avon when he was like “Hey John, would you come and lead worship and cook for a group of representatives from around Europe?” I was like, “sure thing,” and then when it came to it, he got me to cook a multi-meat carvery…

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