Episode three: Introducing Sam

AAC Town

The audio of this episode is here.

endever*: Welcome to AAC Town! Just because we don’t speak doesn’t mean we have nothing to say.

[Short cheerful piano music]

endever*: Hi listeners, welcome back to AAC Town podcast. I’m endever*, one of your hosts, and today I’ll be interviewing our other host Sam so you can learn more about him.

…What was it like before you got your device and how is it for you now?

Sam: I got frustrated easily because the people around me weren’t offering other options of how to communicate. Speech therapists didn’t think I would be able to use AAC. I was sad and frustrated because therapy was so repetitive and boring. Then I met a speech therapist who believed in me and made it more challenging. She really tried to help without testing or pressuring me. I finally got my first device at 17…

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