Chapter 4

Yaoi Wonderland

Han Zhuoyu covered his head with a hood and jogged around the compound at the urging of 9527. Due to a long-term lack of exercise, after only running three or four hundred meters, he was panting, his hands and feet were soft, and his shirt was soaked with sweat.

【Okay, you can stop, please continue to work hard tomorrow, try to run 200 meters more than today.】9527 was very dissatisfied with the frail body of the expressionless teenager.

Han Zhuoyu nodded silently and walked home slowly along the tree-lined path.Although the morning exercise was very tiring and the crowds coming and going made him feel very anxious, he had to admit that he feels very happy after sweating, as if every pore is relaxing, breathing fresh air.

When he reached the end of the path, a bright red apple rolled to his feet, and he was ready to move on in…

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