Autism / Aspergers vs Hyperlexia vs Einstein Syndrome – Part 4 – What do we think LP has?

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When LP was diagnosed, his Specialist paediatrician, Dr Gillian De Vos, didn’t go so far as to call it Hyperlexia, but alluded to the fact by saying “LP displays a special interest in reading and mathematics out of keeping with the rest of his abilities”. Were I to meet LP now, or if he were to be diagnosed now, he may not present as an Autistic child, so  it is tricky.

He has “lost” or outgrown a fair amount of the original autistic traits he possessed as a young child. He doesn’t have such severe sensory sensitivities anymore, and also is no longer as sensory seeking as he was a few years ago. He doesn’t get as easily distressed by changes to routine as he used to, and is a bit more flexible with things changing unexpectedly. He still finds it hard to connect intellectually with many of his classmates…

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