Vaccines and Autism

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An increasingly popular thought about vaccines is that they cause autism. This is a highly cited reason for many parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. The supposed link between vaccines and autism stems from a now-retracted study done by Wakefield et al. in 1998 that stated there was a link between autism and the MMR vaccine, which vaccinates against measles, mumps, and rubella. This study has been debunked by many scientists since it was published, including this review by the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. This review states that Wakefield’s study is inaccurate because of researcher bias, non-random sampling, and unclear dependent variables.

The first issue with Wakefield’s paper is his researcher bias. In a well-designed scientific study, the researcher should pose the research question and conduct the study not looking for a certain outcome, but following where the data leads. Wakefield, however, was looking for a connection…

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My name is Nathan Young. I'm the founder of the Autism Candles project. I am a self-advocate. The candle project exist to make a statement about inclusion and opportunity. My email is Feel free to contact me.


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