Vaccine Hesitancy

Microbiology With Me, Zoe!

Have you ever heard of the label “anti-vaxxers” or know someone who refuses to receive vaccines? These people often experience vaccine hesitancy, which according to Neha Puri and Eric A. Coomes, occurs when patients are reluctant to receive vaccines, which could stem from misinformation or denial of vaccines’ positive effects. Many people in today’s society experience both the blessing and curse that social media brings, providing a surplus of information accessible by just a quick tap on their phone screen. Puri and Coomes discuss the harmful effects of social media in providing misinformation on topics related to public health, conveying that it leads to an increase in vaccine hesitancy in recent times. There are many reasons why individuals are hesitant about receiving vaccines, leading to a great deal of troubles in the world of public health.

One of the most recent events that align with vaccine hesitancy is the new…

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