Vaccine Hesitancy

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“the reluctance or refusal to vaccinate despite availability of vaccines”


Vaccine hesitancy has always existed. Certainly more people now have faith in vaccines now than in the 1800s but 24-33 % of adults question vaccine safety and effectiveness leading to delaying vaccines or not getting them at all. This decreases herd immunity and the eradication of certain diseases. (2)

many fear being “guinea pigs”

While many Americans are quick to vaccinate, many fear being “guinea pigs” and wait to see how other people react to vaccines — whether they develop side affects or have allergic reactions. Others make a cost-benefit analysis and perceive that vaccines are too expensive or time consuming and don’t yield much benefit. Some minorities believe that vaccines have not been tested on their groups and don’t want to be the first to try it and suffer the consequences. Lastly there are conspiracy theorists who believe…

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