Top 10 Sexiest Movie Monsters

Reel Life Monsters 

In the year of our Lord 2020 I don’t think it’s a controversial opinion that monsters are sexy. I, personally, would argue that it is a fact. Teeth? Horns? Too many limbs? Sexy. The technical term for people with exquisite taste, such as myself, is ‘monster fucker’, and I wholeheartedly embrace that title. I am not going to apologise for this piece, but please be warned that there will be NSFW themes discussed below, so gird your loins for that.

So, what specifically makes a monster sexy? What tips them over the edge from simply (simply?) being a gorgeous piece of design work? I have a semi-comprehensive list of criteria for making a monster sexy, which will then be followed by a real meaty list of the top 10 cool and sexy monsters.

Now we will get down to business. There are several features that make a monster sexy. Simpler…

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