Outbreaks of Enterobacteriaceae

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With how prevalent COVID-19 is in the current news cycle, it’s sometimes difficult to remember there are still plenty of other diseases that still impact the community even if they are not as reported on. A common family of Gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria, Enterobacteriaeceae, are behind many of the gastrointestinal issues caused by foodborne or waterborne illnesses. These bacteria, typically originating from animals, can infect different food and water sources, leading to human infections.

Right in the middle of the pandemic in late 2020, the FDA and CDC, along with officials in Canada and others at the state level, investigated an outbreak of Salmonella enterica Newport among onions. Due to being an infection caused by Salmonella bacteria, the most common symptoms included diarrhea, stomach cramps, and and fever. The Newport strain is similar to the Dublin strain covered in the textbook, causing Salmonella gastroenteritis. Strains are members of…

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