MK Ultra

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One of the first ventures of the CIA highlighted by Q was in rescuing Nazi’s from punishment (with the help of the Vatican) and then setting these notorious figures up in positions around the world to run drugs and guerilla army’s to overthrow countries.

With this massive influx of Nazi’s in the CIA, MKUltra was started right alongside it– something the paper above claimed was the backbone of CIA’s intel operations.

Considering the Nazi’s brings us an interesting context when we reconcile MK-Ultra – so, if they were helping with brainwash, what do you suppose MKUltra means? Ultra of course means “Extreme” but we can’t know what is extreme without knowing what MK stands for…. why was it necessary to not say or mention its real name?

Let’s go through it logically, we know that MKUltra involved brainwash, we know in the years leading up to WW2 the…

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