Gira’s use of poisons

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Gira grows up around his parents, sees their relationship, and in particular has seen Rikka care for Asaau when he’s sick or hurt. Gira sees how caring for Asaau makes Rikka feel better, because it’s one of the only times when her care for Asaau has any actual effect on him.

As Rikka’s apprentice, Gira knows plenty about poisons – more than enough to poison someone without killing or seriously hurting them. Sometimes – when he thinks Rikka ‘needs’ it – Gira nonfatally poisons his father so that he gets sick and has to be cared for by Rikka.

Although Gira is one of the most moral and overall better-adjusted members of the Seket household, and is strongly influenced by and genuinely loves his mother, he still grew up in the Seket household. As a result, he’s still internalized some … questionable beliefs and ideas that he’ll have to unlearn…

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