I am writing a big post about A Wizard Alone

Some Open Space

but I just have to do this now. Wow.

In which Darryl doesn’t teleport, he bilocates, and he’s about to be in six places at once:

“On my way,” Darryl said.

And he flickered. There was no other way to describe it. Darryl was still there: there had been none of the usual air movement that was so hard to avoid when doing a physical transit. “You set that spell up wrong or something?” Kit said.

“Oh, no, it worked fine,” Darryl said. “For that one of me.” He swallowed hard.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, fine. Just a little more effort than usual to offset the fact that I wasn’t all here to start with. Cassini next—”

The flicker happened again. Darryl was still standing there, and this time he looked pale, and his eyes seemed unfocused.

“Darryl?” Ronan said.

“Don’t joggle my elbow, Ro,” Darryl said: and his voice was…

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