IF Capital, part 4: NOT reading ****collapse


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In the winter of 1994 I got my first taste of the intellectual output of the CCRU. I obtained the first issue of ****collapse magazine, an enigmatic mixture of unintelligible quasi-philosophy and dystopian science fiction.

How did I get my copy? This is mysterious.

I could not “download” it from the “information superhighway” as a “hypertext” document because we were all living on the cusp with only pre-Event technology. The magazine wasn’t available in the shops. It’s inconceivable that the embryonic accelerationists of Warwick would travel to Birmingham to flog their intellectual wares. So I didn’t buy it from a student stall.

Perhaps I posted a cheque for £2.50 and received a copy by mail? But how did I know that ****collapse even existed? In addition, a trip to the post office was, for me, a highly unusual and infrequent occurrence. I was either…

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