We all hold keys


I have been dreading addressing the girls’ questions about the future. I know at least one (Olena) was very serious… the other, well, not as much. She instead was focused on trying to be funny. A bit like her mother…

IMAGE Monty Python Spanish Inquisition
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition…. She (Gretchen) saw this Monty Python skit once. Once. Now she uses it for everything.

“If I’m funny or make a joke, no one will be concerned with my feelings? Aint that right anxiety?” mom

At 13 on the verge of 14, combined with the onslaught of hormones, life here very interesting to say the least…and has brought up a lot of frustration.

COVID aside — our lives with severe autism is all my girls know. The having to roll up to a family event in two cars, having a therapist attend a party to help prevent major meltdowns, having to rush into a store…

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