Quiet hyperactive ADHD, seven ways I experience it.

Sarah Boon

When I received my ADHD diagnosis, I wasn’t surprised as I had related to other people’s lived experiences a lot. However, I was convinced that my ADHD was only inattentive. Still, it turned out I have combined ADHD (both inattentiveness and hyperactive). that surprised me as I was never the child bouncing around the classroom (if anything, I appeared more still than most other kids). So when I started to find out how hyperactive ADHD can subtly present, it almost described me perfectly. I thought I’d share how hyperactive ADHD can manifest in a way that may not seem as obvious. 

  1. I am always fiddling! – I constantly need to fiddle with objects from blue tac to bits of paper. If I don’t fidget, I cannot concentrate. I don’t know why; it’s just the way my nervous system works. (this also overlaps with stimming and my autism, it can be…

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