Diagnostic criteria for Allistic Spectrum Disorder [ICD: F84.6; DSM: 299.99]

the silent wave

(Beginning Note #1: This is meant to be tongue-in-cheek satire, folks 🙂  This is not meant to generalize or lump together all neurotypical people, especially not in a hostile, critical, or degrading way.  It’s just a different perspective, half-funny and half-food-for-thought.  That is all.  Nothing more.) 🙂

(Beginning Note #2: A similar piece has already been written, by the lovely Anonymously Autistic/Anna (whose blog I totally recommend!) and reblogged on this blog here.  True to the synergism I often witness in the Asperger’s/autism spectrum community, I had been cooking up a post of my own along these very lines since around this time last year, and I sat on it so that I could share it in a humorous spirit during Autism Acceptance/Appreciation Month.) 🙂 ❤

This is how an allistic (non-autistic) person who displayed low prevalence of Asperger’s/autism spectrum characteristics…

The American Psycanotic Association’s Disastrous and Senseless…

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