Supporting ADHD & resilience

Happy in School

It’s well-evidenced that the parts of the brain responsible for organisation and forward planning, are impaired in children and young people with ADHD. This is in addition to possible emotional regulation issues, anxiety, impulsivity, learning disability or even autistic traits. (It is common for ADHD to co-exist with autism).

If the anxiety wasn’t there at the outset, unfortunately, it often appears as the child reaches puberty and adolescence, as their impairments can become more noticeable. There are many studies about the positive impact of medications and how they can improve brain function in children with ADHD, to enable them to achieve and succeed in education. However, finding the right dosage and drug administration routine can be tricky, as many parents will confirm.

Words to encourage imagination & modify behaviour

One of the things we focus on in the #happyinschool sessions is discussing practical solutions and strategies to help support our…

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