Has your child been diagnosed with autism? How to get from chaos to calm

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ear defendersArticle published in Motherhood: The Real Deal

Getting an autism diagnosis for your child can be a shock, which usually mellows down into relief.  Your nagging suspicions were right, now you have a name for the behaviours. Once you’ve got your head around the diagnosis, there are probably hundreds of questions swirling in your mind. What are we supposed to do? How will we cope? The answers depend on your circumstances, your child and how their autism impacts their, and your, daily life. Here’s a plan which might help if your child has been newly diagnosed with autism (from someone who’s been there).

Ten steps to get through overwhelm to empowerment once your child has been diagnosed with autism:

  • Don’t get hung up on the label – autism is a loaded diagnosis: rising numbers of children are being diagnosed. Every autistic child is different and will experience autism in…

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Published by Autism Candles

My name is Nathan Young. I'm the founder of the Autism Candles project. I am a self-advocate. The candle project exist to make a statement about inclusion and opportunity. My email is nathan@autismcandles.com. Feel free to contact me. https://www.autismcandles.com


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