A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

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This past Friday I saw A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood. In case you don’t know this is the long-awaited movie in which Tom Hanks plays Mister Rogers. I have a few points with this movie I would like to discuss, without giving away too much info. First: Tom Hanks. He was PHENOMENAL as Mister Rogers. Every little thing he did embodied Fred Rogers. His looks, gentility, mannerisms…everything was spot on! I am not going to lie. I thought I was watching the actual Mister Rogers at times and not just an actor. Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers is nostalgia incarnate.

Having said that, the movie plot was kinda weird. The film is not specifically Mister Rogers based. The actual story was about a journalist named Lloyd Vogel. Lloyd is a reporter who has a negative reputation among the people he has interviewed, as well as a rocky relationship with…

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