Foundations of Logic on “Truth”

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[ 27/Jan/21 – Foundations of Logic – long thread on Truth]

The Anil Seth video above is a good simple introduction to a very complex subject.

It now seems beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt that what we experience is not “reality itself”, but a subconsciously created model of reality (which includes within it a model of us).

We seem to be able to do successive levels of abstraction on that, and via various sets of disciplines be able to experience ourselves experiencing, then experience the experience of observing the experience of the observation of experience, ….

We can also take it back the other way, and through various forms of discipline reduce experience to various basic levels. One such is the discipline of breath holding, for deep diving. When practicing for extended periods (hours at a time, days on end, for years) and taking breath holding past the 7…

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