“Bipolar Disorder Can Ruin You”


Good Afternoon, its 12:45 on Sunday 7th February. I’m staring out the window into the middle distance. It is snowing, but I am not a child so it is not so fun anymore. I only feel sad and cold.

“*Aw, it’s snowing outside, my feet are cold, *sigh”

“What shall I do today? Maybe I could go for a walk down towards….”

“Nah, ***is there any point, It’s cold and there’s a wind. ***Everything looks the same anyway wherever u walk..”

“…Yeah, I’ll make a tea and go on the internet”

“*mmm,* maybe some naughty…*”

“NOPE! Not happening”

I am feeling drowsy and irritable today, so I typed “bipolar disorder is ruining my life” in the google search and I found the following article which I chose as today’s article recommendation: “Bipolar Disorder Can Ruin You” By Brenden Belluardo

On clicking the link, I was struck by the blue…

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