Guilty Crown: A Review

Rogue Shogunate

As much as I’ve appreciated how Isayama’s psychological action drama has grown in maturity, arguably as its audience has, I think I’ve always felt a certain fondness of the first season of ‘Attack on Titan’. It could be said that the compellingly efficient writing puts it above the rest, but I think Tetsurou Araki’s more significant role, in the beginning, makes up the difference. As much as I had my problems with how the series chooses to develop its narrative, which you can read about in my review of the season, Araki’s shot composition is so incredibly memorable that I still think of them when my mind has nothing else going on. His directing work has a great sense of energy that might not work for season 4’s comparably bleak perspective, but fit perfectly when he was the leading director. I had a lot of respect for the…

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