Autism and logic: Do people on the spectrum make more rational decisions?

Atypical Perspectives

Decisions are based on the way choices are framed.

Most of us use emotions when making a decision. Something I’ve always struggled with is body language, so there have been moments in my life where I’ve come across as dismissive or rude, when I haven’t meant too. Equally, If a surgeon tells you that you have a 20% chance of dying from an operation, thats going to be significantly less reassuring than being told you have an 80% chance of surviving. Its not so much the meaning thats important, its the means used to convey meaning.

I’ve described before the way in which I perceive the world is quite overwhelming from both an emotional and a sensitivity point of view so I am quite prone to using shortcuts in my thinking, like having a reliance on routine. One negative of this is that there have been scenarios where due to…

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