Fishy’s Making Language Progress!

Restless Hands

This is really exciting. On my latest visit, after being away from several weeks, Fishy’s grandma told me that he’s been making much more active attempts to communicate, including increased use of pointing and signing (though he still has a limited range of signs and tends to mix a few of them up) and lots of verbalization.

Fishy at one point had a speech therapist, who I never met (though I helped with the mouth-muscle exercises she prescribed), but she apparently made a lousy impression on the entire family, including Fishy himself.  I only mention it, really, because Mommy told me that Fishy never vocalized in this therapist’s presence, so she had no way of knowing what she had to work with. And I was amazed, because Fishy is an absolute chatterbox with me.

Let me clarify that a bit: Fishy doesn’t have any verbal vocabulary. He has a narrow…

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