Did the girls take me literally?

My Life on the Spectrum

It is a rare event when I am quick on my feet with a response when it comes to this complicated thing called communication. Usually, when on the spot, words either don’t come out of my mouth or the wrong words come out.  Then, I want to find a dark hole and climb in it.  That’s one reason why when the phone rings at home, I am not the first one in the house to jump up and answer it.

A challenging day for my communication skills is when subbing as a physical education (P.E.) aide.  This assignment’s plus or minus, depending on how you look at it, is I have contact with pretty much the entire student body.  I cannot escape kid’s questions such as “is it dangerous to not drink water” or a child’s plea for justice “so and so called me a…”.  Kids don’t want to wait…

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My name is Nathan Young. I'm the founder of the Autism Candles project. I am a self-advocate. The candle project exist to make a statement about inclusion and opportunity. My email is nathan@autismcandles.com. Feel free to contact me. https://www.autismcandles.com


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