Death of a Titan Part III

Getting Real With Autism

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Continued from Part II

My 30th Birthday was spent first with my girlfriend and her family, as I got to experience the karaoke she enjoyed doing at a nearby location. Let me just say it was my first experience ever with karaoke….and my last. I can’t hold against her how stressed out I was the whole time, to the point where I kept bolting to the bathroom with really bad nosebleeds, but……karaoke is…..dear god, what the hell was that? Go ahead, you wanna hate on me for criticizing karaoke? Make my day. Lemme put it this way to you: someone got on stage and butchered Amish Paradise by…

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My name is Nathan Young. I'm the founder of the Autism Candles project. I am a self-advocate. The candle project exist to make a statement about inclusion and opportunity. My email is Feel free to contact me.


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