Week 3 Starting To Research Interview Process

Honors 453/4

Looking into the hiring process of New Zealand . What is interesting is some of the advice given to from the Kelly Services Website. From previous research I have found some tips that would suit those with a mindset like those with autism and similar neurological differences, such as:

Because those with autistic talents hyper-focus on something they interested in, even when they do not have to. So research will absorbed quite easily.

However, some of the steps seem to be almost impossible for those with neurological differences to get right in the way neurotypical peopld would see as ‘right’. For example:

The two tips of ‘be self confident’ and ‘don’t be arrogant’ are two very contradicting thins to those without the communication complications. So those who do have communication complications will find this extremely difficult.

Also,I can personally relate too this, I struggle to remain eye contact as…

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