Martyr Parents: For The Sake Of Your Child, Please Evolve | Eve Reiland

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The tragedy narrative of these martyr parents and birthday parties. WTAF?

OK, martyrs and parents who wallow in the tragedy narrative to social media and make a spectacle of themselves, I’m going to be as kind as I humanly can with this: Grow Up and Evolve.

Parenting any child is not for the faint of heart. Parenting a child that’s different – you need to put some steel in your spine because tossing a personal pity party after a ‘failed’ birthday party is not good parenting, and even more so it’s degrading to the child’s personhood. Shaming others for not attending your disabled child’s party is downright embarrassing, and how mortifying is it for the child when they realize what their parent has done in their name to the public at large? Also, it causes resentment towards the child by the people who were shamed.

Note, the child’s party wasn’t…

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