Forced Medical Experimentation In The Nuremberg Code

The Fascist New World Order

The following is the relevant part of the Nuremberg code, made following the hideous medical experimentation of the death camps of Nazi Germany, done by Bayer, who were funded by the Rockerfellers, among other people. Here is a PDF from a government site which talks about how the laws in Australia breach the Nuremberg code, and how apparently, that’s OK, but it’s not OK, the law is actually not law, and they’re trying to change their fake laws to make it worse than it already was.

The directives are not enforceable, the fines can be thrown out, the entire thing requires our consent, we have very strongly made the case that we do not (unless brainwashed with crap from liars on mainstream media), and they can potentially be sued or jailed for life for treason and war crimes, given the right legal situation to argue that case legally, and at…

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