Phases of Diwali

Storytime with Shivani

Hey guys,


Diwali for us indians is like “living for this ” festival !!!! The excitement starts with beginning of the month itself !!!! The celebration is not only a single day festival, the Diwali fever has many different temperatures …. So here are some phases of Diwali-

The hate you even the little speck of dust phase-

This phase starts 10-15 days prior to Diwali. Whole house and when I say “whole” i mean every little knooks and corners of the house needs to get cleaned. Mum’s OCD gets activated and if you don’t play along next thing you will know is how being homeless feels , so you better pick all your weapons as their is variety like broom, mop , dusting cloth etc , then just get ready for your cardio of the day !!! Suddenly you will feel like your house…

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