Impoverished Wealth: Damon Maker

Jake Cavanah

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7:22 am Friday, October 9

Damon dread Sam knocking on his door every morning. It was such a passive way to get his attention. Why he couldn’t just open the door and tell Damon to hurry downstairs because breakfast was about to be ready baffled him. It seemed so simple.

Damon asked his parents if Sam could bring him up his meals but they didn’t allow this. They wanted to all sit around a table to say they ate together, forgoing sincerity.

“Damon, sir,” Sam said after his first two knocks didn’t result in a response.

“What?” Damon replied.

“Sir, breakfast is almost ready. Your father, mother, and sister are already downstairs. Your father got in from Dublin last night and is dying to see you.”

Damon thought he had been in New York but…

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